Search Process

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Cornell Global follows a rigorous series of steps in order to assure that we can identify, recruit, and close the right person for a job opportunity.  The steps are:

#1 – Strategy Development

We begin by developing an in-depth understanding of your business, your strategy, your culture, and your competitive marketplace through collaboration with key executives as well as through our own research.  Next, we develop a comprehensive position description and agree upon the focus of the search.  Finally we develop a list of target companies as well as additional ancillary resources such as online databases, referral sources, etc. The resultant strategy is then presented to the client for final approval.

#2 – Candidate Identification

Candidates are identified in several ways:

  • Direct Recruiting:  We map out the organizational structure of specified areas within target companies by title and position.
  • Third Party Sources:  We contact our extensive network of previous candidates, clients and industry professionals to generate referrals.
  • Database Searches:  To augment our direct sourcing efforts, we screen both our proprietary database and the Internet for candidates.

#3 – Candidate Screening

The first significant contact with candidates is initiated via a confidential phone interview.  We determine Qualifications, suitability, and interest in the position.

#4 – Candidate Cultivation/Interview/Assessment

Potential candidates contacted for the position are cultivated.  We then schedule face-to-face meetings during which the candidates’ qualifications and suitability are further assessed.

#5 – Candidate Assessment, Report and Referral

A report detailing the top candidates’ background, qualifications, interest level, and salary requirements is prepared and presented.

#6 – Client Interview/Finalist Selection/Closure

This is the most critical step of the search. Candidates are scheduled to meet with the client, are interviewed, and a final selection is made.  We will mediate the structure and terms of employment.  In our role as “honest broker”, Cornell Global facilitates the entire process.

#7 – Candidate References

We complete and prepare a candidate reference check of the finalist by contacting individuals who can attest to the candidate’s character, qualifications and suitability