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strategyWe guide companies in the development and execution of their People Strategy, the driving force behind organizational capability.  What is People Strategy and where does it fit in the overall planning process for the organization?  It looks something like this:


The best companies work hard at developing their organizational capability.  Organizational capability is commonly defined as the ability to manage people for competitive advantage.  Organizational capability, much like in sports, depends on teamwork.  Having the five best athletes in the sport will not guarantee that a basketball team will win.  Organizational capability is the synergy that makes the team play better than the individual skills of its members might have indicated.

Cornell Global guides organizations in the development of the people strategy that will drive organizational capability.  Our approach is holistic…an integrated strategic approach that considers all aspects of the leadership and employee experience and relationship as it is defined and driven by the business objectives and business strategy of the organization.    The below diagram best illustrates our approach: