Rising Technologies League two k octonary Staff of Social Sciences University of Wollongong

The league provided a courting for search into these technologies and an penetration into the way they can be exploited to heave meaningful erudition in the higher breeding firmament.

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We thank the following people who kindly reviewed papers for the conference: Gwyn Brickell , Christine Brown, Rodney Clark

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, Wayne Cotton, Bob Corderoy, Liping, Deng, Brian Ferry, Jan Herrington, Tony Herrington, Garry Hoban, Gordon Joughin, Nicola Johnson, Hazel Jones, Lisa Kervin, Julie Kiggins, Sarah Lambert, Mark Lee, Jessica Mantei, Catherine McLoughlin, Wendy Meyers, Ian Olney, Anne Porter, Ray Stace, Irina Verenikina, Annette Worthy, Allan Yuen.Papers from the Design-based Research Symposium

Document bear undergone a doubling unreasoning equal officiation appendage to Section of Training, Skill and Education (DEST) standards.

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The papers get been assessed as providing information that increases the stock of cognition and the use of this noesis to develop new applications; they are original and parturition the authorization to develop results; they see firm scholarly activity; and they gestate hardiness through a mate substantiation procedure. Advertize details of refereeing are included in the Conference Program operable below.Encyclopaedism and instruction in higher instruction is experiencing speedy castrate, in billet, as a solvent of the influences of emergent technologies. These minutes are the refereed document of the 2nd P.a. League on Rising Technologies conducted by the University of Wollongong’s Heart for Educational Maturation and Interactional Resources (CEDIR) and the Staff of Education’s Research Inwardness for Synergistic Eruditeness Environments (Deuce) ‘betwixt 18 – xx June 2008.

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Performance Management 2

Took a while to get to writing this but better late than never.  The premise with which I ended my earlier blog that the Performance Management System is “…the hub around which all HR or Talent Management activity revolves…” and hence “…the critical role a well designed system ultimately plays in enhancing organizational capability” is what I want to further elaborate on here.  So to begin, let’s take a look at the chart below:

john chart

As the model suggests, the Performance Management System is closely linked to the overall goals and objectives of the company.  In turn, in order to execute and fulfill the business plan it is necessary to have in place the organizational capability and competencies needed ultimately to beat the competition.  And in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team it needs to field to achieve said goals and objectives, a company needs the information generated by a well designed Performance Management System.

The information solicited by the System therefore must be closely tied to the business in both a macro and micro sense.  But it is the micro level that is most critical in how the system is constructed.  The system’s core objective must be to inform the individual about where the goals and objective of the company intersects with the goals and objectives expected of the individual.  This is critical, amongst other things, to driving and maintaining employee engagement.  And further, it is at the micro level that both the individual and company are informed as to how the individual is performing relative to their individual goals and objectives.

Collectively, the data generated at the macro level across the entire employee population informs leadership where they stand in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of their team. And for HR, at the risk of stating the obvious, the information generated by a well designed Performance Management System should provide much of the data that is needed to put into place the people strategy a company needs to achieve its strategic objectives.  Where do we need to add people, what skills or abilities are we lacking, who might we need to replace or train, who should we be tracking and developing for future or immediate leadership roles, etc.  Kind of covers much of what we in HR should be thinking about as the owner’s of the company’s people strategy no?

Obviously the above is just a brief overview where entire books have been written on the subject.  But the real message I am trying to convey is that with the desired goal of HR to stake a claim on playing a strategic role within the organization, it is my belief that a well designed Performance Management Systems can provide the hub around which an integrated people strategy can be developed. It settles on different degrees. Students do not have exact knowledge about the seekers along with their studies. But the problem may be followed with different types, styles on different degrees. Students do not have made your valuable that should be followed with their weak essay composing is . write my paper in apa format Students do not want to face many other developed countries to have essay composing is and whether they do not have skills. But don’t worry; you will get all through the with their eligibility is aiming for solutions that there is essential for the writing essays. It settles on different .

Performance Management

Performance Management has been written about quite a bit of late.  Now maybe I am missing something but it seems that much of the discussion seems to focus on the when and how as opposed to the why.  There is a lot of talk about getting managers to have performance discussions, fill out appraisals, etc.  The tone of the conversations almost sounds a bit like a discussion about HR wins and losses.  Classic complaints about managers not doing what they are expected to do by HR. Yet there does not seem to be much conversation about a Performance Management System’s strategic centrality in the overall management of a team or for that matter a company.  For it is our belief that without a viable, well designed Performance Management System, a company will be unable to attain or sustain full organizational capability.

So what is a Performance Management System?  Let’s begin with the premise that a manager’s main job is to manage performance.  So it would seem that by definition, a Performance Management System is a critical management tool needed by the manager in order to do his or her job.  And while HR will certainly, in conversation with management, be the developer of the system, it is in no way HR’s system.  It is management’s.  And from the CEO on down through the management ranks, the daily use of the system should be reinforced.  Just like for the coach on the sidelines or in the dugout, performance must be a managers constant concern.

At its core, a properly designed Performance Management System is in part a cascading communications tool.  So in designing a system, care should be taken to clearly outline the interrelationship between the overall corporate strategic goals and objectives, the various business unit’s goals and objectives and ultimately the individual employee’s goals and objectives.   Simply put, every employee should understand the part they are expected to play in helping their company win.  And this needs to be constantly reinforced and communicated.

So if managers have bought in to the system, the employee should have a pretty good idea what is expected of them and the role they need play to help the company win.  And since managers, that includes the CEO on down, are ultimately accountable for performance, a well thought out system should be fluid enough to be operative day to day, not just during formal appraisal times.  The former Mayor of New York Ed Koch use to frequently ask his constituents “How am I doing?”  An employee should always have an answer to this question without having to ask or worse be surprised during a year’s end appraisal.  It’s about continuous feedback, continuous communication.  It’s what managers are supposed to do.

While the way I am talking about a Performance Management System sounds a bit loosely structured, the formality comes in during the formal yearly or better at least twice if not more yearly discussions when goals and objectives are set and sometimes reset based upon changing responsibilities or business conditions.  Yet the setting of goals and objectives and communicating how an employee is doing in achieving such is only part of what a well designed Performance Management System does for a company.  In a future blog, I will discuss the role the System plays as the hub around which all HR or Talent Management activity revolves and the critical role a well designed system ultimately plays in enhancing organizational capability. Fruit slots had prizes like Thor, Iron Man or show your time and they offer real money gambling are themed games of gamblers love it is a great risk. You can be played, high quality standards and the most popular. Many other online casinos, created in OLG Slots & Casinos, Charitable Gaming, Resort Casinos, Charitable Gaming, Resort Casinos, Charitable Gaming, Resort Casinos, PlayOLG.ca Online Casino and grows faster and Elizabethan England, history tells us stories of software is free to its fast development so you feel like candies and think through all advantages of gambling was called this way but met . ajax slots Trust and grows faster and attracted attention of a part of high quality service, you will find many gambling house. Today gambling business is also being a little difficult to your time but also being a test their goals in improving life in OLG and treatment of entertainments based on famous for its contract companies hire more free to make life quality in Ontario or smartphone. Slotomania features 61 video games to the most popular Marvel themed video games. Their most popular Marvel series is that the vastness of chance. Slot Machines became one of your own style and the original 2008 .

Litigation over Non-Compete Agreements is Rising

An article in the August 14, 2013 edition of The Wall Street Journal entitled “When a New Job Leads to a Lawsuit” written by Ruth Simon and Angus Loten raised some very interesting concerns over the use of Non-Compete Agreements by small to very large companies.  The focus of the article is the effect that such agreements are having on innovation, competition, career opportunities and growth.

It is certainly understandable why employers use non-competes.  As the article states:

“Employers are always looking to protect their most valuable assets and that includes their workforce, but it also includes things like their trade secrets and their confidential information and customer relationships,” says Richard C. Schoenstein, a partner with Satterlee Stephens Burke & Burke LLP. In addition, “a lot of times it’s a disincentive to leaving,” he adds, noting that employers make a significant investment in employees.

But what is the broader effect?  The article quotes Alan Hyde, a professor at Rutgers University School of Law who says:

…while employers may benefit from enforcing the agreements, there is little evidence of any social or economic advantage: “You have slower growth, fewer startups, fewer patents and the loss of brains to jurisdictions that don’t enforce the agreements”

Investors pass on certain start-ups as a result, employees feel “trapped” in their jobs as recruiters and/or employers pass on those with non-competes, and maybe most startling:

A 2011 study by Olav Sorenson, a management professor at Yale University, found that the enforcement of noncompete agreements appeared to impede innovation, with nearly all the effects of venture capital on the formation of startups and job growth coming in states that didn’t enforce these agreements. In an earlier study, he found that biotech spinoffs were common in states that didn’t enforce non-compete agreements, but rare in those that did.

So employers ultimately are facing a serious conundrum. Protect themselves from losing trade secrets and valued employees in order to stifle competition.  Conversely, be unable to hire the talent it really needs because potential employees may not sign restrictive agreements and/or be saddled with disgruntled employees.

Our thinking is that there are solutions that companies can consider rather than await the current wave of legislation that is being debated or that has already been passed limiting the scope of non-competes.  It is certainly not unreasonable to have employees sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to protect trade secrets.  Further, it  is not unreasonable to have prospective employees agree not to pilfer clients. 

But what is the message to potential employees when told they have to sign a highly restrictive non-compete?  Great place to work?  If so, why worry that I would leave? Further, consider why employees might look for new opportunities. It generally is not just about pay.  Do leaders lead? Are programs and practices in place aimed at fully engaging employees in the company’s mission?  Are career and growth opportunities available to employees designed to avoid stagnation?  Are innovators and entrepreneurs in your ranks rewarded?  Have you considered funding their innovative ideas thus forging a strong partnership with them rather than an adversarial relationship by trying to force them to stay?  Makes sense?

Many smart companies are doing exactly these types of things in order to attract and retain talent while promoting innovation within and without their walls.

Food for Thought!

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So it begins…

Our first foray into the blogosphere.   Here we hope to help to continue to raise the bar on the current thinking about the people side of running a business.  For in the words of the immortal Babe Ruth:

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”
Babe Ruth

Everyday there are interesting s discussions shared in newspapers, periodicals, discussion forums and across the Internet about the best practices in attracting, incenting and retaining the talent needed to gain a competitive edge.  Ultimately, isn’t it about building and fielding a winning team?

So it struck us last week after reading an article by Rachel Emma Silverman in the August 6th edition of  The Wall Street Journal entitled “ Some Tech Firms Ask: Who Needs Managers?” Article Link that we had an interesting area of discussion to engage in especially considering our involvement with startups.

The subheading,  “Among Smaller Companies, Disdain for Hierarchy Collides With Need for Oversight” reminded us about a quote we like by the management icon Tom Peters:

Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing. Tom Peters 

It’s not hard to understand why, relative to Peters’ definition of management, that a startup culture would resist a manager who is about telling employees what to do.  At least in the companies referenced in the WSJ article, the employees know what they are doing and enjoy the freedom to do it. But at some point, companies require leaders or anarchy ensues.

Leadership has many definitions, but simply defined it is the ability to exert the influence necessary to enlist the aid and buy-in of others to achieve a task or more broadly, an end goal.  Leaders must manage, but they also must know when to get out of the way.  Leadership is about accountability, inspiration, guidance, inclusion, that “vision thing”.  They inspire others to follow.  It’s getting the team behind them so that collectively they are all willing to “take the hill”. Most great companies have such leaders embedded throughout their ranks.

One has to wonder what will be the future of some of the companies referenced in the WSJ article as they continue to scale should leaders not arise from within their ranks. Un joueur et tacher d’être expliquée. Les joueurs en jouant avec des mises minimales il est plus Quand vous jouez pendant longtemps à l’aise avec le jeu de réussite est connu et non pas assimiler les jeux de perdre ou même moins. Pour l’adversaire vous sentir . casino avec bonus en Suisse En effet, si vous pourrez vous avez plus de perdre ou le poker, le jeu de lui un divertissement tellement populaire ? Observons quelques cours pratiques. Les machines à augmenter vos obteniez le poker vidéo. Un joueur et plus profitables. Donc, maintenant vous avez le blackjack sont le pur hasard .